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Make Things Better By Making Better Things

The Shopbotix ecosystem of products represents the latest and greatest in modern bench-top CNC systems and manufacturing technologies. Our workstations allow you to break through the limitations of traditional fabrication processes, discover new prototyping methodologies, and create new low-volume manufacturing opportunities. Through our versatile feature sets, powerful drivetrains, intuitive controls, unmatched precision, and robust build quality, we are confident that you will never look at small scale manufacturing the same way again.



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MICROMOLDER: An affordable automatic desktop injection molding machine for professional creators.

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ELEVENCUBED: A prototyping powerhouse capable of precision CNC milling, FDM printing, and Laser cutting, all in one sleek and user friendly desktop sized package.


SLANT BED LATHE: A precision desktop CNC lathe built for production level speed and quality at a fraction of the price.

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Redefining the way YOU Make

Our mission is to remove barriers. We are overcoming the limitations of small scale manufacturing by providing our users with precision desktop prototyping and manufacturing equipment that is accessible, user friendly, and designed to outperform expectations on every level. 

Driven By User Centered Design

Shopbotix was born out of a need for high quality tools and equipment that produce parts repeatably and reliably, tools that work together to meet the need at hand without redundancy and without compromise. We believe that the tools we use should never limit creativity, in fact, they should inspire it. 



We are building an entire ecosystem of desktop scale tools that have huge output potential. That doesn't mean much if they are not accessible, that's why we have focused on keeping price points low without ever sacrificing on quality or user experience.



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Brian Williams, CEO

Brian has over 12 years of diverse product design and engineering experience ranging from consumer goods and medical product design to aerospace design and engineering.

He is driven to learn and adapt to new techniques and technologies while always pushing the boundaries of innovation. He owes this to an open and authentic willingness to do things differently.  

Brian is always looking for the value add and is constantly adapting to changing landscapes.

Brian is a self proclaimed maker nerd who would rather be building robots that make things than sitting on a beach.

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Chase Schofield, CCO

Chase has been a product designer for the past decade working on a range of specialties from soft good product and consumer electronics to the automotive, powersport, and military industries.


He has a passion for problem solving and for connecting with the users he designs for. He is a hands on learner and believes he will never be an expert at anything because as he puts it "there is always something more to learn."

Chase loves to challenge the status quo and is constantly dissecting the who, what, why, and how behind the processes and products we interact with every day.

You wouldn't be surprised to find Chase making something, anything really, just for the joy of it.

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